Covid-19 Mask Bank

Blog - May 19, 2020

As the Covid-19 epidemic unfolds, support for the wide use of cloth face-masks, including for people who are not necessarily ill, is growing. The main benefit of everyone wearing a face-mask is to reduce the amount of Coronvirus being coughed up by those with the infection thereby reducing its spread through droplets.  The National Department of Health therefore recommends that everyone in South Africa should wear a cloth (non-medical) face-mask when in public. Commuters travelling in taxis and other forms of public transport, as well as people spending time in spaces where physical distancing is difficult to practice, are particularly encouraged to wear cloth face-mask.

The soaring demand for cloth face-masks has created an opportunity for many township micro manufacturers to start creating face masks and selling them in their local communities. In order to assist  township manufacturers with the ever increasing demand the Covid-19 Mask Bank was established.

The Covid-19 Mask Bank is an initiative by Buy Township that is aimed at bringing together township and village micro manufacturers under one roof. The Mask Bank is made up of 24 registered micro manufactures based in townships across South Africa (Gauteng, Limpopo, Kwazulu Natal and Easter Cape) that manufacture 3 ply branded and non branded face masks. These micro enterprises together comprise a staff complement of 72 people.  One of the biggest challenges faced by micro manufacturers is securing enough work to ensure survival and more importantly meeting demand (in numbers) when having secured work. The link between stock on the shelves and costs attached to having too little stock on hand is a serious impediment.

The Covid 19-Mask Bank aims at dealing with these two challenges by creating a platform not only to secure work for the individual micro manufacturers but to ensure that they are able to meet ever rising demands from government, factories, mining industry etc by placing them under one roof and creating a mutual work relationship amongst them. This will ensure efficiency in service delivery and meeting of deadlines.






For further information on this empowering initiative please feel free to contact Mr Mahapa Mpitso 082 730 4112 or send an email to

Progress is being made towards creating a website that will house the Covid-19 Mask Bank initiative.

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