About Buy Township

The Buy Township movement will showcase 10 000 Township SMEs & Co-ops by advertising their services and products on public online platforms increasing their opportunities of access to markets.


  • To develop township capital (human, natural, financial, physical and social)
  • To bring money into the townships of South Africa
  • To keep money circulating within the township
  • To foster existing business (i.e. ensuring that they are not disadvantaged by new developments)
  • To maximise local spin-offs from development
  • To integrate townships into the mainstream economy

Access to markets, marketing and advertising are significant challenges faced by township businesses. Any financial support and business skills given to them has not improved their survival chances because it has failed to deliver customers, who are the life-blood of any enterprise.

While financial support and business management skills are key to the growth of a business, most township SMEs and co-ops have no visibility & marketability platform, which are the gateways to market access and consumers.


Promoting economic development by unlocking markets in order to grow market share/penetration


To create a R 1.2 billion township economy by empowering 10 000 SMEs, supported by 1 000 Digipreneurs, through our customer loyalty programme that will see 1 million consumers spending a minimum of R 100 per month on any of the identified township businesses.

10 000 SMEs + 1 000 Digipreneurs + 5 000 000 Consumers + R 100 / month

= R 6 Billion Township Economy

“It’s not who you know that matters, but rather who knows about you”

We are dedicated to the empowerment of township entrepreneurs. The purpose is to equip township entrepreneurs who have been running their enterprises without adequate support to grow their market penetration and grow their businesses. Our goal is to bring township communities into a state of economic emancipation and power. We intend to grow prosperous township-owned businesses and create a level of production so that the township economy becomes sustainable.


Geared to deal with inaccessible markets and exposure to business opportunities for township businesses.

Mahapa Mpitso

Chief Executive

“We don’t build businesses, rather we build people who build business”

Tshidi Mpitso

Marketing Director

“Building sustainable township economies, one entrepreneur at a time”

Laurence Tuck

IT Operations

“If opportunity doesn’t knock at your door, make a door”

Bam Ndlovu

Graphic Designer

“Visibility & marketability: the gateway to market access and consumers”