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Increasing the visibility, marketability & viability of township SMEs

Buy Township Movement Catalysts

Online Digital Database Portal

This is a digital advertising portal with powerful technology to facilitate business connections stimulating employment and economic growth by providing township SMEs with a platform to market their products and services

Mzansi Digipreneurs 1000

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A mentorship programme that seeks to establish 1000 Digital Marketing Enterprises (DMEs) across the 234 municipalities in the country. These enterprises are to be owned and managed by township residents (youth biased).

Business Development Support

This include market access opportunities for township enterprises; procurement guideline training; assistance with Central Supplier Database registrations; Law of Survival for SMEs training; compliance advise. School for Township Entrepreneurship

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Buy Township Directory

Connecting consumers with township business, the Buy Township Directory gives consumers access to events, promotions, discounts and activities happening in the township. Buy Township works through localization helping you connect. Advertise your township business and be seen by millions.

Our Township | My Business | Our Economy | My Money

The School of Township Entrepreneurship

Transforming an idea into a functioning profitable business requires expertise and commitment in equal measure.

The School of Township Entrepreneurship is the main vehicle through which the Buy Township Movement achieves its objectives.

About the
Buy Township

The Buy Township movement will showcase 10 000 Township SMEs & Co-ops by advertising their services and products on public online platforms increasing their opportunities of access to markets.

Promoting economic development by unlocking markets in order to grow market share/penetration

Increasing the visibility, marketability & viability of township SMEs

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